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 Get energised  with our  magnesium taurate . .

We always recommend a food-first policy but to help you along the way we’ve rewritten the rule-book and crafted a superior, vegan-friendly magnesium for a fair price. Our formulations and packaging are planet friendly too! 



Nervous System





Unrivalled Purity

No additives, allergens, GMOs, gluten, soy or sugar! Our magnesium taurate is packed full of natural ingredients and is gentle on the stomach.


Magnesium taurate is highly absorbed and research suggests much better than other forms. There's 800mg in each daily dose!

Supercharged Formula

We pack 100mg of magnesium into each capsule, providing the perfect way to keep your magnesium levels topped up.


Our magnesium capsules are 100% vegan and all ingredients are free from palm oil derivatives.

 Expertly  formulated

I'm Mark, head of nutrition at Ethical Nutrition. I've studied nutrition to MSc level and have over 10 years' experience in food supplement science.

Our magnesium taurate is made here in the UK to exacting pharmaceutical standards and it's been formulated specifically to work quickly.

We know the ins and outs of ingredients, drug interactions and all things supplements. We're a small UK business and 100% family owned too!


"I was delighted to find the Ethical Nutrition Co. I bought their Magnesium Taurate which works well for heart arrhythmias, balances blood sugars and also enhances sleep quality"


“Wonderful company ethos, attentive customer service and an all-round great experience."


"Great product! Thank you. "


The  best magnesium supplement  is created by sourcing the finest ingredients and blending them without the use of additives or other nasties. 

Tried other magnesium products before?

Many of our customers turn to our magnesium because they want to make a more ethical, effective choice at a fair price. 

Most magnesium products on the market contain the less effective oxide form. Other magnesium supplements are either tablet form with additives, priced higher or come in plastic-containing packaging.

We only use additive free magnesium blends using the most effective taurate form. We are the only UK company to zero-plastic magnesium. That's a win for you and the planet!

Why choose our magnesium taurate?

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