Our Ingredients

We often get asked “why are your supplements so expensive?”. The answer is simple: we only use the best ingredients - and the best ingredients are significantly more expensive than the standard vitamins and minerals used in most multivitamins. They're also significantly more effective.

The cheaper forms of nutrients are often poorly absorbed, less effective or contain a lot of added unwanted ingredients. 

Below are some examples of the best vitamins we use and a visual representation of the difference in cost when compared to the cheaper, less effective forms. 

Natural and better absorbed ingredients cost a lot more.

By sticking to our strict principles of selecting the best ingredients in effective doses, the cost of the product is more than standard supplements. But we wanted to make sure that our products are still affordable so we decided to make less profit so that you get a better product for an ethical price.

Better quality supplements for less.

Compared to industry standards our premium supplements provide excellent value for money. The ingredients comparison below show that virtually every single nutrient we select for our superior multivitamin differs from most multivitamins on the market. We haven’t left any stone unturned when sourcing our ingredients.

NutrientMost MultivitaminsThe Ethical Multivitamin
Poorly absorbed magnesium oxide or phosphate
Highly absorbed magnesium citrate
Vitamin C
Synthetic ascorbic acid or magnesium ascorbate
Natural vitamin C from Acerola Cherry
Poorly absorbed calcium carbonate or phosphate
Highly absorbed calcium citrate
Not usually included
Highly absorbed choline bitartrate
Vitamin E
Synthetic DL-Alpha Tocopherol
Natural, well-absorbed D-a-Tocopherol succinate
Poorly absorbed zinc oxide
Highly absorbed zinc citrate
Vitamin B1Poorly absorbed thiamin mononitrate
Highly absorbed thiamin hydrochloride
Vitamin B2
Poorly absorbed riboflavin
Highly absorbed, bio-active riboflavin 5 phosphate
Vitamin B3
Poorly absorbed nicotinamide
Highly absorbed niacinamide
Vitamin B5
Sodium-d pantothenate
Highly absorbed calcium-d-pantothenate
Not usually included
Highly absorbed inositol for hormonal support
Vitamin B6
Poorly absorbed pyridoxine hydrochloride
Highly absorbed, bioactive pyridoxal 5 phosphate
Synthetic beta-carotene
Natural beta-carotene from algae
Poorly absorbed and irritating ferrous fumarate or iron oxide
Well absorbed, gentle iron glycinate
Poorly absorbed manganese carbonate, chloride or sulphate
Well absorbed, gentle manganese glycinate
Not usually included or poorly absorbed boric acid
Well absorbed sodium borate
Synthetic, potentially harmful pteroylmonoglutamic acid
Natural, bioactive, effective calcium-l-methylfolate
Not included or copper oxide
Well absorbed copper glycinate
Poorly absorbed chromium chloride
Well absorbed chromium picolinate
Poorly absorbed potassium or sodium iodate
Well absorbed potassium iodide
Vitamin K
Synthetic, poorly absorbed, less effective phylloquinone
Natural, well absorbed, bioactive menaquinone
Poorly absorbed less effective sodium selenate
Well absorbed, bioactive, effective selenomethionine
Poorly absorbed, less bioactive biotin
Well absorbed, bioactive d-biotin
Vitamin B12
Poorly absorbed cyanide form cyanocobalamin
Well absorbed, bioactive, most natural form methylcobalamin
Vitamin D
Synthetic vitamin D2 or animal sourced vitamin D3
Natural Vitamin D3 from Lichen, 100% vegan

We created a range of supplements we feel good about taking ourselves.