Personalised Meal Plan

Unlock your health potential with our Personalised Meal Plan. The recipes in your plan are simple,  full of flavour, nutritious and most importantly, tailored exactly to your diet, lifestyle, activity levels and tastes. Forget calorie counting and macronutrient tracking, we've done that for you so you can focus on the enjoyable aspects of meal prep. Plus, the plans are easily scaled up for family cooking.

Choose from a selection of meal plan options to suit your health goals, from Paleo to Keto, Vegan, and Sugar Free. All plans are based on the latest scientific research for optimal nutritional intake, taking into account any dietary requirements, food allergies, and preferences.

We'll craft your customised meal plan and recipes, and deliver it to your inbox within 48 hours (excluding weekends). We need this time to make sure your meal plan is truly personalised and meets all of your health and dietary requirements. If you're not 100% satisfied, we provide a full refund.

  • Choose specific diet types like paleo, keto, vegan and more.
  • Meal planner includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Nutritious and exciting recipes
  • Created by our nutritionist Mark BSc, MSc.
  • Time saving shopping list organised by supermarket isle.
  • Built in batch cooking.
  • Full nutritional information.

Check out the video in the images section to get an idea of how the diet plans look.

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Our meals plans can be tailored to:
  • Gluten free diets
  • Allergen friendly diets
  • Low carb diets
  • Low FODMAP diets
  • Ketogenic diets
  • Sugar free diets
  • Vegan diets
  • Vegetarian diets
Frequently Asked Questions

After filling in a short and secure online questionnaire we will get to work in creating a bespoke meal plan for you.

This meal plan includes includes a full shopping list that outlines the ingredients you will need to follow this meal plan and the daily meal plan itself with pictures and recipe cards.

The shopping list is organised into categories based on how a typical supermarket is laid out. This will allow you to do
your grocery shopping in an organised way, saving you time.

Recipes states the total number of servings and the total prep time so that you know how many servings the recipe creates, and how long it will take you to make it. Assemble all ingredients and prep them according to the ingredients list. Unless otherwise indicated, eat one serving of each meal. So if a recipe serves four, prepare it, divide it into four
even portions and enjoy one portion.

If meals on the plan appear to be shaded out, this means that the meal has been marked as a leftover. You've already
prepared it, so you do not need to make it again. Leftovers are a great way to save you money and time!

The meal planner takes the stress out of meal planning and makes it easier for individuals to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It can also help save time and money by reducing food waste and avoiding last-minute, unhealthy food choices. With the meal planner, eating well has never been easier.

You can use this mea lplan as a foundation for your meal choices but please feel free to swap meals and also add in your own recipes with similar nutritional values. If you gravitate towards certain recipes feel free to swap them in, each meal is pretty much interchangeable.

This means you can update your meal plan as frequently as you like.

If your goals, exercise or questionnaire answers change you may need to adjust your intakes but this plan gives you the foundation to do that.

The aim is to start moving towards nourishing recipes that fit your lifestyle.

The number of meals a day that is recommended varies depending on an individual's needs and lifestyle. Generally, it is recommended to have three main meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with healthy snacks in between if needed. However, some people may find that spreading out their meals into smaller, more frequent meals works better for them. It is important to listen to your body and eat when you are hungry, making sure to include a variety of nutritious foods in your diet. Remember, the key is to find a balance that works best for you and your body's needs.

Your meal plan has already accounted for your current level of physical activity. This means it should help you to meet your dietary goals. If your exercise levels change significantly then you may need to adjust the recommended nutritional intakes. Should you need any further advice don't hesitate to email us at


Absolutely blown away!

I came across Ethical Nutrition while i was googling personalised meal plans. I decided to go ahead and order one as the price was so reasonable at £20 (£17 with my new customer 15% off discount) and i was absolutely blown away when it was sent over to me!

The layout was so easy to follow, it told me what to have for breakfast lunch and dinner plus 2 snacks Mon-Sun, the calorie value of every meal. A checklist of what ingredients to buy and a step by step guide on how to make each meal with a visual picture!

I’m honestly so happy, it’s exactly what i wanted. And Mark was so helpful & friendly!

I’m recommending them to all my friends :)

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