Manufactured ethically in the UK 

We only work with UK manufacturers who match our obsession with quality, safety, purity and ethical manufacturing. Now that we’ve done all that hard work, you can sit back and enjoy your supplements! But we want you to be able to learn more, so read on to find out why you’ll be getting the very best in UK manufacturing has to offer.

Our exacting standards 

Manufactured to GMP standards . All of our supplements are manufactured here in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards by suppliers with long-standing experience in the manufacture of foods and food supplements.

This means you can be confident that you’re getting safe, high quality food supplements. Every single ingredient in our products has been tested by our suppliers to ensure they are safe and that they are made to specification. We have certificates of analysis for every batch of every product we produce and every raw material we use conforms to all food safety regulations.

In addition, we perform microbiological checks on products after they have been manufactured to provide you with even more reassurance of their quality.

Ingredient quality. Every single ingredient we have included has been hand picked by our nutritional experts at Ethical Nutrition. Each one selected for superior bioavailability, effectiveness and in the most natural form permitted. To learn more about our ingredients click here.

All of ingredients are subject to a stringent supplier approval programme and are only approved after a number of manufacturing, quality, specification and sample checks have been completed.

Every single ingredient is traceable through our supply chain and we take a responsible and comprehensive approach to all quality complaints and concerns.

Blended Without The Use Of Additives. Most companies use synthetic ingredients to coat tablets or help powders flow and mix easily. Common ones are magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. We made the decision to avoid these ingredients in favour of tiny amounts of organic rice concentrate (gluten free) or without the use of anything at all (like our organic turmeric curcumin).

Zero Tolerance for Cruelty and Animal Ingredients. We have a zero tolerance policy on animal cruelty and animal ingredients. Vitamin and mineral supplements can and should be made without harming animals. None of our supplements are tested on animals, the Ethical Nutrition team are the only guinea pigs around here!