Our Story

Hi, I’m Grace, owner of Ethical Nutrition! At the age of 15 I suffered from Hodgkin's lymphoma. This life-changing experience transformed the way I think about nutrition and led me down a new path of health discovery.

My partner and nutritionist Mark helped me to incorporate dietary changes and supplements which helped counteract the negative effects of my treatments.

I started Ethical Nutrition because I couldn't find effective, clean supplements in plastic-free packaging for a reasonable price.

Mark has studied nutrition to Masters Degree level and is an expert in nutritional supplements, he looks after our scientific research and the clever nutritional stuff!

We’re 100% family owned and our extended team of suppliers and nutritionists provide us with the expertise of a much bigger company whilst keeping our costs low. All purchases support the UK economy (instead of lining the pockets of investors and pharmaceutical companies).

We meticulously research every single ingredient we include in our products - and those we don't include. This way you know if it isn’t in our product, there’s a good reason for it.

This means we’re able to create incredible value, superior supplements that don’t cost the earth and make decisions on principles not profits.

We're proud to be driving environmentally conscious innovation and we’re looking forward to helping you on a path to better health whilst protecting our planet.

 Our Values 

We believe every single person deserves to feel amazing through better health and nutrition. Here are our guiding principles:

Our Supplements

Finest vegan-friendly ingredients. Each one expertly selected in the right dose to protect your health. If an organic version of an ingredient is available, we’ll use it. We have a strict policy against animal testing and unlike many companies we assess every single ingredient in our formulations

Guaranteed value. It's expensive to stay true to our principles but we're more concerned about driving change than profits so we charge you less for a better product.

Never use palm oil. We never use palm oil or palm oil derivatives throughout our supply chain. Be careful, it's often a hidden ingredient.

Lovingly crafted in the UK. By using specialist suppliers we're able to create completely additive free, accurately dosed food blends whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Ethical packaging. Ocean-Friendly, fully recyclable and lightweight. Our packaging is up to 5 times more expensive than the alternatives and involves a lot of manual processes, but there is no better cause than helping our earth.

Additive free. We never use unnecessary additives and only use active ingredients. It's difficult and costly to avoid them but we have found a way.

Feel amazing with clean supplements that protect your health and planet.