Supplements that don’t cost the earth.

We’re so proud to be the first UK plastic-free supplement company! Not only are we plastic free but our packaging and products are all UK made, saving valuable transport miles and carbon emissions.

You might be thinking, “wait, but I’ve bought some plastic-free supplements before?”. Unfortunately some plastic-free certifications allow the use of plastics and bioplastics creating a huge amount of confusion, allowing companies to make false claims about their green credentials.

You can read more about greenwashing and the difference between recyclable, biodegradable and compostable on our blog.

As avid food supplement users we scoured the market trying to find an eco-friendly option to suit our lifestyle, with zero success. At this point we made the decision that if we were to create food supplements they’d need to be made and packaged ethically.

Every order you place with Ethical Nutrition helps to remove plastic from our environment through our partners at Greenspark

What is eco-friendly packaging?

The hunt for eco-packaging...

After months of research we found no eco-friendly options! We were surprised by the number of supplement companies flat out lying about eco-credentials. The supposedly eco-friendly options were:

Glass jars - Heavy and have a huge carbon footprint. They often also require a plastic seal in some form. We only use small quantities of plastic-free reusable glass jars.

Starch bags - We had high hopes for cellulose/starch bags but then found they’re potentially more harmful the traditional plastics and to keep food products fresh they need to add traditional plastic.

Biodegradable/compostable pouches - Many of them are designed to look eco-friendly but we found the exact opposite. In fact most wouldn’t degrade in landfill or oceans and are not recyclable at all! The ones with paper on the outside were lined with plastic or bioplastic.

 If a pouch has a resealable strip in the lining it's made from plastic.

These just weren’t going to cut it for us. Our view is that even with the best intentions, some packaging will end up in the environment and therefore it has to easily and fully compost in soil, landfill and the ocean.

After over a year we were fortunate enough to source the ultimate eco-friendly solution for food supplements! 

Introducing truly eco-friendly  supplement packaging.

Ocean Friendly

Our pouches are certified ocean and landfill compostable!


Our paper pouches are lined with a zero-plastic, vegan barrier to keep the products fresh. 

Fully Recyclable 

Certified by the UK recycling association - simply place our pouch in the paper recycling. 

Paper Mailing Box

Your mailing box is 100% paper and sealed with eco-tape. 

All you need to do is put the used pouch in your paper recycling. If you accidentally end up placing it in the bin, don't fear, it will fully compost. Our beautifully designed paper pouches are lightweight and letterbox friendly too!

Nobody has gone to the lengths we have to create sustainable supplement packaging and we’re proud of it. 

You can read more about greenwashing and the difference between recyclable, biodegradable and compostable on our blog.

Feel amazing with clean supplements that protect your health and planet.