12 Top Plastic-Free Swaps to Make in 2021 (Tea Bags, Toothpaste, Shampoo & More!)
Environmentalism is on the rise due to an increased collective awareness of just how much damage we do to the planet each day. Read on to learn more about living a plastic-free lifestyle and why it’s so important to start making those changes now.
14 Top Zero Waste Products & Lifestyle Tips
We all know more about the environment than any previous generation, which should mean that we’re educated enough to live more sustainably. But we can easily be tempted into making less environmentally responsible choices. Read on to learn about the zero-waste products and lifestyle tips you need to know.
What Does Biodegradable Mean? (Biodegradable Meaning, Materials, & More Explained)

We hear many terms related to waste disposal, whether that be recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or degradable (or something else entirely!), but what do they really mean? And which should we look for when choosing products to buy? Biodegradable is often used in a misleading way on many products on the market today, so let’s look at this term more closely.

5 Ethical Brands in the UK You NEED to Be Following
Deciding you want to buy your products from forward-thinking businesses also means putting in a fair amount of work before making any purchase. To help you find eco-friendly UK-based products and brands, we’ve listed 5 that are operating to make a real difference to people’s lives without harming the planet!
The Packaging Says It’s “Green”, But Is It? Welcome to the World of Greenwashing

When we buy a product because it is recyclable, biodegradable, or otherwise “green” and good for the environment, we wholly place our trust in that company that they’re telling the truth. After all, why would we doubt them? If they’d go to the effort of making eco-friendly packaging, they’re not going to be advertising falsely, right?

6-Step Guide to Starting Your Plastic-Free Life (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

We produce and use 20 times more plastic than we did fifty years ago, and if we don’t change our ways our plastic use may double in the next two decades. Here at Ethical Nutrition, we do our absolute best to not only manage our own plastic waste (as a brand we don’t actually use any at all) but to encourage our customers to do the same.

The Difference Between Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable.

Over 8 million metric tons of plastic waste is finding its way into our oceans each year but are the recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging options the answer to this massive plastic problem?