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WE WANT TO PAY PASSIONATE CREATORS FOR AMAZING CONTENT. Ethical Nutrition help people feel amazing with clean, effective supplements that protect our planet. Free from additives, allergens and palm oil. We're looking for passionate content creators to promote Magnesium Taurate (for sleep, anxiety and energy) and Turmeric (to help with aches and pains). If you are interested in other products do let us know. What we are looking for: - A 15-30 second video (selfie style, face and product in centre of screen - leaving us enough room to crop for square videos, no music or text overlay) - Either: Describe the benefits of the product provided / review the benefits you received from taking the product. - In a natural setting - outdoors or a kitchen would be great. - Full guidance provided after agreement is made. - Permission for us to use this content for advertising purposes.

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