We're Registered! What It Means to Be Vegan Society Registered

With a huge rise in interest in vegetarian, vegan and plant-based lifestyles has come the need for a stamp of approval. Brands look for a way to give their customers the confidence that their products can be trusted as being free from certain ingredients.

Veganism is a lifestyle that actively avoids animal products across all items consumed. It differs slightly from plant-based living as it spreads into all consumer choices we make. Like plant-based living, veganism involves omitting meat, dairy, eggs, and (often) honey from the diet, but it also avoids animal-tested products and animal-derived materials like leather, wool and silk. 


What is the Vegan Society?  

The Vegan Society is a group working to help more people transition to veganism with confidence. The Vegan Society aims to see more trusted Vegan Society Trademarked products available in shops and conducts various campaigns to bring veganism forth as a mainstream lifestyle. This group offers information and guidance on several areas of veganism for those looking to go vegan, educators, healthcare professionals, plant-based brands, caterers, and the media. 

The Vegan Society also coordinates a mentoring scheme called the Vegan Pledge. This scheme is designed to help potential vegans or new vegans, and the number of pledgers has increased hugely over the last year, with more than 1000 people pledging to go vegan every month.


How do you know if something is Vegan Society registered? 

Products that are Vegan Society registered feature the vegan trademark on their packaging. This symbol has been around since 1990 and helps users identify that a product doesn't contain any animal ingredients or by-products. You can find the vegan trademark symbol on almost 50,000 products worldwide, from cosmetics and household items to clothing, food and drink.

This stamp of approval is easy to identify and is a quick, easy way to confirm that a product aligns with your beliefs and dietary requirements at a glance. 


What does it mean for a product to be Vegan Society registered? 

Many people these days actively seek out the vegan trademark; it has become a clear indicator that a product is trusted and guaranteed to be animal-friendly. The Vegan Society registers individual products rather than entire brands, allowing non-vegan brands to shout about their vegan-friendly products and move with the times. 

The vegan trademark is the most recognised worldwide trademark and can be found in 79 countries globally. With so many brands turning to the Vegan Society for validation among the vegan community, it's one of the best things a brand can do for its name.


We're Registered.

At Ethical Nutrition, all of our products are registered by the Vegan Society, and we will register every new product as a brand principal. Our products have always been vegan, but we want to ensure our customers have complete certainty that our processes are cruelty-free and plant-based. All of our products are palm oil-free, additive-free and made here in the UK. We also ensure all our packaging is eco-friendly, so you know we give careful thought to everything we do.

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