Price changes and important brand information.

Another year, another set of challenges for us all.

Despite the setbacks we've embraced every minute of supporting you.

As you know, prices are rising, retail prices are up 14% vs last year. We've absorbed increases for months but our suppliers haven't. Our ingredients, rent, energy, wages and delivery costs have all increased at around this level.

We want to bring you more free support (like our recipes, meal plans & advice), exceptional customer service and new products so that we can support even the most complex health conditions.

To keep improving we're proposing a price increase of approximately 5% and a 50p increase in shipping. We've absorbed as many increases as possible to minimise the price increase to you.

Don't forget, we price match, find an equivalent product for cheaper just let us know!


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Ethical Multivitamin



Organic Turmeric Curcumin


(£9.35 per month at 1 capsule per day)


Magnesium Taurate


£17 - The cheapest genuine Magnesium Taurate in the UK (cheaper products contain magnesium oxide and taurine but label them as magnesium taurate).

Organic Acerola Cherry Vitamin C



Organic Ashwaganda


(£7.01 per month at 1 capsule per day)


Vegan Vitamin D3


(£5.52 per month at 1 capsule per day)


Omega 3 £18.70 £22
Meno Complex £17 £20
Folic Acid £9.78 £11.50
Vitamin B12 £9.78 £11.50
Magnesium Malate £12.33 £14.75
Calcium Citrate £10.20 £12.50
Digestive Enzymes £18.70 £22
Vegan Collagen Factors £17.85 £21

The price we charge is always a direct reflection of the cost and exceptional quality of the product and we refuse to take large profits. That means if the product seems costly, there's a good reason for it. 

At Ethical Nutrition you'll always pay less for more...

All current and new subscriptions orders placed before midnight on Sunday 18th December 2022 will remain at the current price. 

Order now to lock in the old price.

We sincerely thank you for your support.
Grace & Mark.

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